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with Arlette and Isabel
We love our job not just because it is what we do, but because it is the best organic lifestyle we have found.. raise awareness and natural well being is our main mission as we as humans are nature ourselves ♥

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Bug Off Mosquito Repellant
♥ One of the most common complaints from people enjoying the outdoors during the spring and summer months is the annoyance caused by the often enormous populations of these small, slender, long-legged flies, the bites they inflict and, for some, the almost intolerable itching from the bite. 

Made with natural ingredients including basil, rosemary, eucalyptus, clove, tea tree, lemongrass and other herbs known for their effective bug repellent properties!! ♥ 

4 OZ. Bug Off Mosquito Repellent is a powerful blend that keeps insects away, so you can enjoy the outdoors all day. Safe for your family and pets. 

Easy-to-Apply Helps Repel Bugs & Mosquitoes Naturally Enjoyable Refreshing Scent Non-irritating. Effective. 
Free of toxic chemicals, synthetic fragrance, dyes, deet, phthalates, parabens, pesticides, formaldehyde, preservatives & petrochemicals. 

TO USE: Apply bug spray liberally to exposed skin, particularly your ankles, legs, arms, and hairline, before venturing outdoors. Avoid contact with eyes. Shake well before use. Apply as needed.
from Cara Brotman & 
Markus Rothkranz
Cara and Markus are a powerhouse super couple leading the way in natural health and living foods, and they have a ton of fun doing it!

The mission of their company is to improve health and happiness, thereby creating a ripple effect that's changing the world.

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Wildforce Greens Formula
Take this nutritional-packed fuel every day, as many times as you want. Be aware, my greens are super powerful. Start off with a small amount and work your way up. Compared with other greens on the market, my container has 430 grams of serious power from nature. That's almost one full pound! All ingredients are either organic or sustainably wildcrafted. Be sure to view the ingredients below to find out why you need my new greens formula.
Want to hear results?
Ingredients: Dandelion (whole plant), Activated Young Barley Grass, Alfalfa Juice Powder, Bamboo Stem & Leaf, Japanese Knotweed, Amaranth Sprout, Nettle Leaf, Mallow Leaf, Prickly Pear Cactus Fruit, Lamb's Quarters, Oat Grass, Chlorella, Plantain, Kudzu Leaf, Moringa Leaf, Kale Chickweed, Burdock Root, Amla Berry, Ginkgo Biloba, Eleuthero Root, Nopal Cactus, Watercress, Licorice Root, Spirulina, Astragalus, Purslane, Yellowdock Root, Red Clover Blossom, Apple Pectin, Malic Acid (from Green Apples), Red Raspberry Leaf, Gotu Kola, Arugula, Spinach, Wheat Grass, Chia Sprout & Black Chia Seed, Peppermint Leaf, Grape Juice Powder, Parsley, Chicory Root, Badderwrack, Dulse, Green Stevia, Papaya Juice Concentrate Powder 

* All ingrdients are non-GMO, organic or sustainably wildcrafted.
by Carolyn Claytor
Wild and Free was founded by a creative spirit with a revolutionary idea: to offer non-toxic products and services at an affordable price, and set the standard for skincare. I believe that buying natural, non-toxic products should be simple and accessible. No one should need to decode ingredients on their beauty products and no one should have to sacrifice self-care to live.

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Charcoal Detox Mask
As a skincare professional I understand the importance of healthy skin, and I want to share that with you! 

I recommend this face mask to be used on acne prone or oily skin. Once applied leave on for 7-15 minutes before removing. Removal with steam towel is ideal. This mask works by pulling dirt and impurities from your pores while exfoliating. It kills acne causing bacteria and is non-comedogenic. This mask will leave your skin glowing, clean and not irritated. I personally find it soothing! Handmade and made to order
Ingredients: Bentonite clay, Activated charcoal, Red Clay, French Clay, Chamomile tea, Coffee, Peppermint essential oil. 

* I only use the purest and natural ingredients. Everything is certified organic. The essential oils I use are pure therapeutic grade.
HeartBeat Goods
HeartBeat Goods creates small batch handmade items to support your self care ritual and ceremony work. We strive to use only wildharvested and organic ingredients, collected and gardened by our own hands or from businesses we trust. Every item is cleansed and blessed for the highest energy.

Stinging Nettle Elixir
Stinging Nettle Elixir is a sweet, earthy, vitamin & mineral rich remedy. It's made with raw PNW honey and juniper alcohol. The nettles have been wildharvested by me here in the wild Pacific Northwest at their peak time in the early spring. 

Take daily as a yummy way to get a dosage of nourishing minerals and a burst of energy or take it a few times a day to help you through the allergy season. Don't take too late in the eve because it may keep you up ; ) 

NETTLE can be used for: 
♥ Vitamins & Minerals 
♥ Antioxidants 
♥ Antihistamine = Allergy Support 
♥ Increased Energy 
♥ Anti-inflammatory 
♥ Cleansing/Detoxing - specifically the urinary tract (could make you urinate frequently ; ) 
♥ Add it to your drinks, teas or cocktails for added sweetness and flavor.
: : DOSAGE : : Start with a 5-15 drops in the am, and again in early afternoon as needed, increasing/decreasing each time until you figure out the right balance for your body. 

: : INGREDIENTS : : Wildharvested Stinging Nettle (Urtica dioica), Raw PNW Honey, Juniper Alcohol 

: : PLANT SPIRIT MEDICINE : : Protective, Energizing, Nourishing, Cooling, Standing in Community 
Garden of Eden Community
We are a sustainable ecovillage dedicated to feeding, clothing, housing, and educating people focused on sustainability, honor, and responsibility; we share the living reality of our thriving sustainable community to inspire others!

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Beyond Organic Wildcrafted Herbal Lemony Tea Blend
Our beyond organic, wildcrafted herbal tea and smoking blends are delicious and enjoyable ways to access the incredible healing properties of plants! 

We offer 0.5 oz of our dried herbal bounty by donation towards feeding, clothing, housing, and educating more people than ever before! 

Our Lemony Tea Blend is a combination of our super healing herbs Lemon Balm and Lemon Thai Basil. Lemon balm is cooling and calming. A cup of lemon balm tea a day can reduce anxiety, improve sleep, boost the immune system, and alleviate symptoms of indigestion. It also contains strong antibacterial, antiviral, and antioxidant compounds that have been shown to reduce the effects of radiation exposure! 
Lemon Thai Basil is a staple in our garden! 

Many cultures prize basil as a holy herb--it is both flavorful and highly medicinal! It has been demonstrated to have powerful adaptogen, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial properties. 

Our Lemony Tea Blend can be made into tea by steeping 1 gram in 6-8 oz hot water. It can also be used for cooking, as an addition to a beautiful aromatherapy bath, sewn into sachets for drawers or eye pillows, or even mixed into hand-rolled cigarettes if that is your jam!
C Naturals 
with Candy Comer
Candy Comer, Detoxification Specialist, has founded C Naturals to share how the body heals.

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Happiness Tea
Happiness Tea is a blend of over 11 herbs:

Gotu Kola, Kelp Frond, Chaste Tree Berry, Rosemary Leaf, Alfala Leaf, Wild Yam Root, Schisandra Berry, Saw Palmetto Berry, Ginko Leaf, Eleuthero Root, Fo-Ti Root, Rhodiola Root, Prickly Ash & Peppermint.
with Amanda Connelly
Our mission is to provide high quality natural and effective skincare. We use botanical principals to provide a holistic approach to skin health. Our motto is: Experience the healing nature of nature.

Check out these raving testimonials!

p/s... Amanda included some extra surprises for you...
Miracle Manuka Honey Salve
This amazing herbal healing salve is 100% ALL Natural and is arguably the best healing salve on the market today.

This all natural salve is perfect to protect and support the healing of pretty much any skin ailment:
Burns, scrapes, insect bites & stings, psoriasis, eczema, chapped skin, boils, in grown hair treatment/prevention, cold sores, stretchmarks, etc. 

Our best selling product includes special properties and ingredients rarely found in common herbal or holistic healing salves. Some of the stars of our ingredient deck include (although every ingredient is amazing!!): 

**Miracle Manuka Honey Certified UMF 15+: Only from Australia. (Wild crafted) Whilst the antibacterial properties of all types of honeys have been known for centuries, recent laboratory studies have shown that Manuka honey is exceptionally high in antibacterial potential, derived only from the Leptospermum species. It was discovered that Manuka honey has naturally present powerful antibacterial activity not found in any other variety of honey. However, this special activity is not in all Manuka honey. It must be registered with UMF, and have the rating on the label. Manuka Honeys labeled simply, "active" followed by a random number, are NOT the real deal. UMF Certified Manuka honey is the only TRUE Manuka honey; the type that is currently being used and studied in Hospitals, and being written about all over the place.

*Complete Ingredient List in descending order: Calendula Oil (Calendula macerated in Sunflower Oil), Beeswax, Castor Oil, Tamanu Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Kokum Butter, Manuka Honey (UMF 15), Natural Vitamin E (MT50), Manuka Essential Oil, Aloe Vera Extract, Organic Soy Lecithin, Bulgarian Lavender Essential Oil, Helichrysum Italicum EO, Blue Chamomile EO, Sweet Orange EO, Vanilla Absolute EO, Copaiba EO, Sacred Frankinsence, Clove EO

Kevin Reese is helping folks reclaim their health

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Anxiety Helper Tea
The Anxiety Helper is a loose leaf, caffeine free, herbal tea blended for general anxiety, situational anxiety, panic attacks, and general stress. 

Visit Kevin's site for more info on his 
Anxiety Answer Holistic Program

We create unique, master-formulated health products. We only use organic vegan ingredients and never use anything artificial. Everything we make is packaged in glass bottles - not plastic. We also contribute a portion of our sales to our Acts of Kindness as our way of giving back to the world. As part of this program, we've been able to do projects in Mexico, Russia, Kenya, and right here in the USA.

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HAPPY - Organic Mood Blend
HAPPY is a maximum strength, liquid, master-formulated dietary supplement for enhancing mood. HAPPY can be great for people with depression, anxiety, or other mood disorders, but it can be used by anyone who wants a little boost in their mood or a little help relaxing.

Ingredients: Wild Lettuce, Chamomile, St. John's Wort, Ashwagandha Root, Feverfew, Fennel
** All Organic **

Lava Love is a line of spa products made from volcanic ash from Oregon volcanoes. We aim to spread the message of detoxification and better health through vegan lifestyle and natural detox.

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Lava Love Volcano Soap is made from bentonite and zeolite, charcoal and exfoliating pumice blended in a creamy vegan and organic shea butter base. Essential oils of lavender, peppermint, cedar and juniper round out this treat for your senses.

Lava Love Soap

My mission is to help people remember their connection to the plant nation and to reconnect with plants as living creatures who possess a keen intelligence and have much to share with us. I believe that remembering this connection to wild nature (both outside us and within us) is the only thing that can save us and our planet at this critical time.

Restful Slumber Tincture
A good all around sleep aid made from Chamomile, Passionflower, Hops and Valerian. These plants are all organic and have been extracted into organic 190 proof cane alcohol.
with Adi Shakti

Our mission is to awaken and empower the divine feminine through transformation intensives globally.

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Seven Days to Bliss
A seven day e-retreat including full length yoga videos, philosophy lectures, meal plan, and more.

with Kassaundra Lynn
We are stewards of the Earth, striving to bring the wildness back into your medicine cabinet.

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Hawthorn Berry Liquid Extract
Hawthorn Berries (Cratageus monogyna) is one of the best tonic for the heart & circulatory system. It works by bringing the heart back into balance, either stimulating or depressing its effects depending on what is needed. Hawthorn is a very gentle, yet powerful, herb ally & it is more efficient when taken long term. 
All.Ways.Healing produces regionally wild-crafted, small batch herbal remedies that support a holistic approach to health and wellness.

Hawthorn, having an affinity for the heart, can also provide support when dealing with matters of the heart. Taking hawthorn before a potentially emotional conversation or during a time a duress in life can be very beneficial in navigating/moving through with an open heart while maintaining healthy boundaries. 
Grateful 4 Grace
We are a transient co-housing collective that travel together by bus to regenerative-living farms, intentional communities, gatherings, festivals, and other places that are being the change we wish to see in the world in 
efforts to learn, grow, and be of service to them and each other.
We help individuals, families, and communities with sustainable education and projects. We help and support people of all ethnic and social backgrounds such as the houseless, lbgt community, those ostracized by classism, racism, sexism, & disease and more. We help protect our water. We spend time in nature. We nurture our minds, bodies, & souls with holistic vegan medicine. We learn how to live harmoniously with the Earth. 
We make art and music to share with others. 
We learn how to live a life together with less dependency on material items and create something positive out of the waste we create from what we consume. 
We are creators of our destinies. We build bridges with species from all walks of life. We produce what we can with the resources around us. We help each other grow so that we can help others do the same. The tours are a hands-on regenerative educational experience that benefit all who participate and strive to live sustainably and also those that bear witness to the nature of our ways.

Our first official sticker we have made ever! Represent regenerate-living by sporting our symbol of hope for the 7th generation.

To see more visit:

Providing quality botanical products, at reasonable prices.

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 Herbal Anti-Viral Salve 
Herbal Anti-Viral Salve is a wonderful salve with anti-viral, anti-septic and anti-inflammatory properties. A natural way to treat herpes, cold sores, and other viral skin conditions. This salve can also be used on shingles and chicken pox sores to help them heal more quickly. Herbal Anti-Viral Salve soothes, and heals dry, chapped and cracked skin. This ointment also makes a great lip balm.
Ingredients: Olive Oil, Beeswax, Lemon Balm,Self-Heal, Calendula, Goldenseal Root, Echinacea Root,Tea Tree Oil, and Vitamin E Oil
The Crazy 
Banana Lady
Living a life of peace and acceptance, Victoria Everett (aka The Crazy Banana Lady) also offers coaching, retreats and healthy eating insights
Crunchy Living Foods
The Crazy Banana Lady is offering sun-dried tomatoes, onion flax crackers, apple chips and banana chips.

Luxuriate in this detoxifying and relaxing seaweed bath. A 20-minute soak in this magnesium-rich bath will relax your muscles and draw impurities from your cells. 

Seaweed has been proven to relieve skin conditions (psoriasis, eczema, acne etc) & is beneficial in the treatment of muscle aches and joint stiffness. 
Mermaid Bath Detoxifying Seaweed Soak with Essential Oils and Himalayan Pink Salt 
This luxurious bath soak is blended by hand and contains therapeutic salts, essential oils and herbs which relax the muscles, invigorate the blood, nourish and heal the skin and draw impurities from the cells. 

To see more visit:
Organic Ingredients: Epsom Salt, pink Himalayan Salt, Bladderwrack, Dulse, Kelp, Laminaria, Lavender Flowers, Peppermint, Essential Oils of Peppermint, Lavender, Marjoram, Rosemary, Chamomile, Basil & Eucalyptus
John Bertolone Art

Through his art, John Bertolone strives to visualize the unseen forces that are at play and how they influence our seen world. 

The blending of higher frequencies and known objects in order to create metaphysical stepping stones to the divine realms of consciousness. 

Ishtar & Woven Stickers

Rooted in realistic portrayals blended with a curiosity to play, he breathes life into his paintings, the way unseen forces fuel our world.

To see more visit:

Crafting the Elements

Mother Earth's elements can be healing and complimentary to the body, mind & soul. I use mindfully selected herbs and materials to handcraft each product. I believe keeping the body healthy with the earths elements, we can truly heal and nourish ourselves.

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Nutritive Oxymel
An apple cider vinegar and honey extraction of nutrient dense herbs. This sweet & sour tonic adds vitamins & minerals to the diet to promote hydration and support the body.

Mucus-free Life LLC is a health and wellness organization dedicated to educating the world about the Mucusless Diet Healing System, the natural healing methods of Prof. Arnold Ehret, and the benefits of a mucus-free lifestyle.

Mucusless Diet Healing System
The Mucusless Diet Healing System is a complete course for every person who desires to learn how to control their health. The diet is a combination of individually advised long and short-term fasts, menus that progressively change to non-Mucus-Forming Foods, and periodic colon irrigation.

This is the first ever annotated, critical editions of Prof. Arnold Ehret’s famous diet. It answers many misunderstood questions and elements from the Mucusless Diet. It is like reading the book with Mucusless Diet expert Prof. Spira.
You will find out why the transition diet is one of the most misunderstood aspects of a Mucus-free Lifestyle, why intermittent fasting and alkaline foods are important for health, and what transitional meals are best when someone craves their favorite mucus-forming foods.
Earthly Elementals Apothecary

Thoughtful creations full of integrity and love. All things are handmade and heart crafted. Products are organic or wild crafted. Find everything you need for all of your body care needs. Infused with moon energy, grid work and Reiki. You will feel the power of these Earthly Elements. Self love is extremely important for all of us and these herbal products can help make that happen. Full of integrity and love these products show us how to take care of ourselves and just take a minute to relax and breath. Enjoy! LOVE & LIGHT

 Love Sugar Body Scrub 
Love Sugar Body Scrub can be used by yourself or with a partner. The intoxicating smell of the Rose will bring a softness to your heart and will aid in healing and letting go. This is a wonderful activity that you can do with your partner to create an open loving space to allow for closeness and an opening of your hearts with each other. Self love is also very important, so use this whenever you shower to open your heart to assist in loving yourself fully. Using sugar is a wonderful way to exfoliate your body and it won't dry out your skin. It will remove excess oil, dry/dead skin and won't clog pores. This is safe for children as well.
Ingredients are Sugar, Avocado Oil, Rose eo, Dried Rose Flowers, Reiki and Love. Rose is good for all skin types, especially dry, mature and sensitive skin. It soothes inflammation and constricts capillaries reducing the appearance of thread veins. It's great for eczema and herpes. It does wonders on the woman's reproductive system, digestive system, liver and heart.
Energetically it is sensual but never sensuous, rose teaches us to be loving, caring and compassionate, both to ourselves and to others. 
Warmly relaxing and gentle, this oil will reduce stress and tension, calms the nervous system and lifts our spirits from gloomy introspection and depression. Rose is a calming hug when you most need it, especially for sad and anxious people. Rose is the highest vibrating scent that we know of. Avocado oil works nicely for sensitive skin, psoriasis, eczema, wrinkles and aged skin. There are high levels of vitamins A, B1, B2, D and E which help nourish and rejuvenate the skin. It can help to reduce age spots, sunburns and generally soften the skin. 
Ingredients are Sugar, Avocado Oil, Rose eo, Dried Rose Flowers, Reiki and Love. Rose is good for all skin types, especially dry, mature and sensitive skin. It soothes inflammation and constricts capillaries reducing the appearance of thread veins. It's great for eczema and herpes. It does wonders on the woman's reproductive system, digestive system, liver and heart.
Herbs have been used to promote health and prevent + treat illness for centuries. Herbal medicine has been the world's primary form of medicine since the beginning of time. 

Unfortunately, herbal medicine has been dominated by over-the-counter and pharmaceutical drugs in modern medicine in the United States. 

Therefore, our goal at Wild Meadow Apothecary is to provide traditional plant medicine + therapies for personal health and self-care that leads away from the resulting dependency that comes with modern medicine.

Fire Herbal Tonic
This spicy warming tonic provides healing and regenerating medicinal properties that helps fight colds, flu, + infection. 

Size: 4 fl. oz. Ingredients: raw organic apple cider vinegar, organic ginger root, organic garlic, organic onion, organic turmeric root powder, organic horseradish root, and organic cayenne pepper Shake well and take 1 tbsp. and repeat every 2-4 hours, as needed, to help cold, nausea, fever, sore throat, coughing, congestion, aching joints, and other cold and flu symptoms.

We aim to blend and extract quality healing herbs from Southern Oregon to help consumers address specific symptom needs. We also value providing safe access to these medicinal herbs through local and organic sourcing.

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Aja Pain Relief Tincture
An organic tincture specially formulated to help relieve chronic pain and inflammation. 

Additional Benefits: May help remove toxins from the body and promote healing.

All Organic Ingredients: Cane alcohol infused with Licorice root, Nettle leaf, Burdock root, Valerian root.
with Yuliya Yelk

Providing safe and natural herbal skin care products for everyone!

To see more visit:
Plantain Cream
This herbal cream is soothing and restoring for skins everyday bumps: cut, scrapes, bug bites, poison ivy, etc...

Brighty's Detox 
and Wellness

To teach people how to get their freedoms back from prescriptions, and dis-ease. Assist in releasing that which does not serve. Detox,and Reiki consultations available.

White Willow Bark Tincture
White Willow Bark has been used traditionally for a range of pain symptoms, inflammation and as a fever reducer.

Many herbalists can't quite narrow down all the benefits of this remedy!
So much Gratitude for all who have given these gifts...May they go to where they are most needed and received!!
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